This retreat is no longer being hosted by Balanced Breath Studio! If you want to sign up you can register with Helen Murray at Helen@healingheartspersonalcoaching.com

Come & celebrate the Lunar Eclipse on July 27th with us. As the moon passes through the centre of the Earth’s shadow, it is also a time for us to discover our shadow self.

Your shadow side is the part of you that you can’t see in yourself. Our ego will try to protect us, our defence mechanisms are designed to keep our shadows repressed and out of view.

Exploring your shadow can lead to
🔮being centred & grounded
🔮Cultivating self compassion
🔮Honesty & Self Awareness
🔮happier, lighter self
🔮greater authenticity
🔮improved creativity
🔮increased energy
🔮personal awakening

This day is for you, it’s the beginning of your journey back to wholeness. A day for your body, mind and soul to connect on a deeper level. Time for “Becoming Me”, the Me you know has been hidden by the shadow then come and join us; come and step into the light💫

Vegetarian meals crafted on site by Chef using locally sourced, seasonal foods.

Spots are limited so if you are ready to look within and discover your shadows, book now.