Growing a backyard edible garden has increased in popularity. Many people want to know where their food is coming from and enjoy organic options in their home. Growing edibles in your backyard is an affordable way to get fresh, organic produce and experiment with unique heirloom varieties.

Homegrown fruits and vegetables can cut household food costs. This study shows that a home vegetable garden can produce over $650 worth of food, compared to the estimated cost of $200 on materials and supplies early in the season.

Getting Started with Growing from Seed

Organic Basil growing in raised beds

As we wait for the warm sunny days of summer, you can start planning your garden indoors now!

You can start seeds indoors as soon as March. Others can be directly planted in soil once the soil temperature is around 10-15°C. Always read the back of the seed package to determine when you plant. Keep in mind, vegetables love full sun. Aim to have your veggies growing in an area that receives 6+ hours of direct sun.

Tomatoes, onions, spinach, kale, broccoli and peppers (hot and sweet) are a few options of vegetables that need to be started indoors in March. You’ll want to have peat pots, a soilless soil mixture, a spray mister to water. Grow lights are ideal so the seedlings get consistent, direct sunlight.

In April, you can sow carrots, beets, swiss chard, peas, beans, radishes, and cucumbers directly into the warm, workable soil.
You can grow sprouts or microgreens indoors all year. You can grow microgreens in soil or wet paper towel. Within seven to ten days you can these nutritious greens in salads or as garnishes on pasta and sandwiches.

Supporting Local

If you are planning to grow an organic garden, find a reliable source. We love getting our products from Arthur Greenhouses because they don’t spray with pesticides, their greenhouse is completely natural. They have a wide selection of herbs, tomatoes, peppers and many more vegetables available at the end of April.

Contact Joanna at Arthur Greenhouses to place an order for seeds, potting soil and seed trays. Order by email or call 519-848-6816 (please leave a message on their answer machine). Their team will get back to you as soon as possible.