Some days, you can’t make it to the yoga studio. Don’t let it stop you from practice. Having a space at home to practice is beneficial whether you are a beginner or experienced yogi.

Here’s how to create a place to let go, connect to your breath, breathe, and tune into your inner guidance by creating a yoga and meditation sanctuary in the comfort of your home.

Get Your Props

Some of our favourite props to have around the studio can easily be bought and adding to your home practice. Aside from a yoga mat, here is what you can consider buying a strap, blocks, pillow or bolster and a yoga towel. Having your favourite blanket nearby is always an added bonus for savasana. To keep your props tidy, look for a basket or storage chest.

Create your space

Find a place that has limited distractions, you want a let a sense of calm greet you when you into your sanctuary. You’ll want a flat surface so you can practice balance poses and lay down with ease. If you have a window nearby, feel free to drape cotton drapes to filter the sunlight and add some privacy. Set the mood lighting with string lights and lanterns around your space – these are great additions for early morning or night practices.

Creating a yoga sanctuary at home


Low maintenance plants such as ZZ plants, snake plants, and pothos plants will help clean the air in your home, and a little bit of greenery is always soothing on the eyes. Add elements that ground you, such as seashells, crystals and stones.  Create your own scents by adding an essential oil diffuser, sage stick or favourite candle to create that zen. Natural products preferred when it comes to deep breathing and supporting the lungs.

How to Use Your Sanctuary

Take time before classes to meditate and tune in before hopping on. Your sanctuary will always be there for you; whether it’s a few rounds of sun salutations, your favourite poses, or meditating, this is your space. You can be there for as long as your heart desires. Read, meditate, journal, relax; take a breath and enjoy the space you have around you and inside you.