Sneak peek into the September schedule for you guys. Let me know your thoughts. We are trying to balance fitness and yoga so that folks with the unlimited can work out every day doing either yoga or fitness or both or whatever!!

Unfortunately we have to move a couple classes but we have many new instructors which honestly is my favourite part. There is nothing more exciting to me than having lots of people involved.
Joining the team is Victoria Smyth-Woods who has a small home studio space in Kenilworth but is looking to be involved in the studio. Victoria and I met at a teacher training and have been in touch ever since. She will be taking over my prenatal class. After having 5 of her own children and taking the training i’m pretty sure she’s qualified 😉 She is also going to run 2- 5am classes. We went back and forth about the time and are going to give it a go. If you feel this time works for you or think 5:30 would be better please give us some input! She will also be hosting a 9:30am Yoga Flow class for yogis who drop those kiddos off at school and want to rock a yoga flow before continuing on with their day. This will be a more active flow with a focus on lengthening and strengthening. 
Haley is back around her school hours THANK GOODNESS!! I hear that you guys are really loving her Yin classes and I wanted to make sure you could still attend. So she is back Thursday nights a tiny bit later. And do you see! An 8:45pm Class!! Ohhh boy. I can see this going well. A sweet sleepy goodnight practice. 
Rebecca has taken over torch and tone and it’s moving to Thursdays. I know a few of you come that also go to Yoga in Drayton on Thursdays and I am so sorry :(. Schedule wise I think this is the best we could do! Enter sad faces. Rebecca is also going to be here Tuesday nights doing Beginner Fitness for those looking to learn how to do the basic primal movements and start in the fitness game. After that class she’s going to kick butt in her circuit class at 7:30.
Joni is still teaching gentle yoga on Tuesdays and I’m so happy to have her on the team!
Lianne is going to be running a new class called Power Step! Using steps and risers you’ll be using weights and cardio movements to bust butt and work OUT! She’s also bringing back abs and assets. YES!
Stacey is bringing Fit Frenzy back! Woop!
And of course I am still teaching my ebb and flows, body tone and HiiT and Stretch. I am taking the yoga part out and doing a long stretching period after the workout. I think it was a nice balance before but found I could go longer with the workout or the yoga and this might be a better balance. For those looking for Saturday yoga we will probably throw some Karma yoga in again here and there so stay tuned for updates!
Did I mention how exciting it is to have TWENTY TWO classes on the schedule!?!?!?!?! AHH!!! My heart! We are going to see some major results and changes in people. With the unlimited packages it is ALL coming together. How much yoga can you fit into your life this fall? How much Fitness can you fit in? With an unlimited package you can take advantage of as many classes as possible. I cannot wait to see what this brings for people.
Again please let us know what you think of the schedule!!! We need your input because we teach these classes FOR YOU! To see the shifts and changes in you and to bring this wonderful and bad ass community together. I am super excited for September now. YAY!!!