Join Jami at our new class Heart and Soul on Thursdays 7:00-8:00 pm. This class will allow your intuition to guide you through the unique flow class that is full of self-expression. Let your heart guide the way and create a flow that feeds your soul while moving alongside your fellow yogis. Always changing, expect to see a variety of opportunities for mindful movement. All levels of experience welcome!

We sat down with Jami, and here’s what she had to say about the new class. We hope to see you there!

Q: What inspired the Heart and Soul yoga class at Balanced Breath Studio?
A: After talking to another yoga teacher, she mentioned her home yoga practice was often more creative, fluid, and playful than the well-structured and prepared practices created for teaching classes. This is something I immediately connected with as being true for me as well.

The challenge is how to bring that free flow that arises within oneself when it is just them and their mat. Why does my cat/cow sequence turn into melting heart to child’s pose flow one day while tomorrow it could remain the intro to more warm-up postures?

It is not an academic decision but one that arises from connecting with my heart and listening to what feels right in my body. I am guiding my practice by abandoning routines and just going with the flow. I want to teach others to do for themselves; to take a moment to tune in so they can find their flow.

Q: What can students expect from this class?
A: We begin to connect with our breath and body through a guided meditation (themed) that allows us to tune into our heart so we can express our soul through a creative, intuitive flow. Through different music, rhythm and beats, sounds, essential oils, and visual aids, our senses awaken allowing our creativity and intuition to take flight aiding in the creation of a personalized soulful expression and practice.

One week an individual’s practice might look fluid like a dance while the next week, it is a more static moving from one strengthening balance pose to another. Each week the practice changes depending on the self-expression of the student.

I think of it like a Haiku. A set structure (poetic sequence) but what the poet does with that structure is pure creative magic. With set sequences like sun salutation, warrior flow, and balancing poses the creative magic rests in the yogi’s self-expression.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most about the new class?
A: Empowering people to take ownership of their practice by guiding them to slow down, tune in and let go. To express the beauty of their soul through yoga, their own yoga. To embrace their creative power of self-expression and celebrate their amazing bodies.

I am excited at the prospect of providing space for adults to reconnect with the power of play. Playfulness is at the heart of this class which leads to self-discovery and flights of imagination. Unleashing the wild playful souls of people (young and old) is one of my biggest passions.

Q: How are vinyasa style classes beneficial to people of all levels of yoga?
A: Vinyasa means connecting breath with movement, and it can be slow, gentle, fast, or strong; it is as unique and individualistic as those practising it. One person’s vinyasa “breath connected to movement” may look completely different from the person next to them.

When we allow ourselves to tune into our inner landscapes and connect with our life essence, our breath something powerful happens; self-discovery through a series of asanas, the heart of yoga. It is not about mastering a headstand or losing weight or getting jacked (although all those things may be natural by-products of a consistent yoga practice) it is about connecting soul with mind and body through breath and movement.

It is coming home to who we truly are.