When we opened the doors at Balanced Breath Studio initially, it was a place we could host classes on a schedule that wasn’t defined by someone else. A schedule that we had a little more control and focus over. It was a group of fitness professionals who came together to create a space for us to serve the community their daily dose of physical movement medicine.

Things have shifted, changed and grown in ways we didn’t expect. Mersaydese moved in with Pretty Please and created her own little space to pamper her clients and give them that special boutique experience. We started getting a lot of energy workers around the studio and hosting medium nights with Jen Abra and now, Sabrina Campbell which all go amazingly well. We started moving in that direction a little more and countless ladies have collapsed on our couch just to let out all the tears.

Now we are hosting the Maker’s Market in support of small businesses in the community who otherwise do not get a spot on the main stream to show off their awesome businesses. We still have the yoga and the fitness but it almost seems to be less of the number one thing we do around here and more of an addition to the compilation of things we do around here. That is when it hit me last night. What do we REALLY do at Balanced Breath?

We hold space for community connection and wellbeing.

We create a place for people to come and tune in and wind down. To make friends who lift you up rather than keep you at your regular vibration. We are here to support, encourage, accept, serve and hold space for you. For anyone who needs the softness in their lives. For anyone who needs a non judgemental space to learn about themselves and their bodies.

We are not about weight loss (although we can help with that), our mission is not to get you to some perfect size. Our mission is to help you accept the body you are IN so you can be the most YOU that you have ever been. Our mission is to let you know that YOU are all we need to have a good time. We don’t need you to be anything you are not.

We need clients who care for others and want to share in this vibrational uplifting in our space. Clients who want to leave feeling like their bodies are wonderful works of art rather than something that is in the way of their happiness. Clients who want to support and build community around their goals of becoming well and happy. Clients who seek happiness through presence and connection with self and others. Clients who stay after classes and have deep, validating and encouraging conversations about life and love and transitions.

Help us hold space for the community to find their wellbeing through the practice of yoga, movement and connection to self and others. We can’t wait to have you.