Holistic Ways To Lose Weight

In our studio, getting connected with your body and body positivity is first and foremost. Without the connection to your body, it is so hard to get the signals of what it is trying to tell you about needs for food, sleep, stress and hydration. When we start to tune in and really give our bodies a chance to speak- we hear a lot of messages we can’t ignore. Dropping pounds is a SIDE EFFECT of healthy living. So what can we do holistically to change our body composition and turn up the volume on the signals our body is already giving us?


You hear it all the time. Pick a giant water bottle and make it the first thing you gulp down in the morning. Just give it a try! Being hydrated optimizes your bodies system and helps it work more efficiently. It also helps with digestion and elimination which in turn helps you keep waste out of your body.

Turn Your Phone Off

The bluelight from your phone can contribute to hormonal imbalances and add to your stress levels which raises cortisol. Cortisol causes inflammation to happen and too much cortisol can have you running your adrenal glands rampant which means you are depleted. Something as simple as shutting your phone off an hour before bed every night can have huge effects on your cortisol levels and allow you to destress knowing that you aren’t waiting for that next notification to roll in and deal with. This will also hugely help your mental health.


As a woman, it’s likely you are low in your protein intake. Protein 30 minutes within waking, before and after workout and a dose before bed will cause big changes in body composition, help you feel fuller and satiated longer and infuse your body with much needed amino acids for healing those muscles and contributing to your overall health needs.


Greens, greens and more greens. Micronutrients are so SO important for overall hormonal balancing and health. Attempt to get even just a handful of greens in at every meal and you will see a huge difference in energy levels.

Get Rid Of Toxic Body Care Products!

See our article from Natalie at the Eco Den for more description on this. Most mainstream products contain harmful endocrine disruptors that change your hormone levels! We have hundreds of options available to us now that can significantly improve our health.


EAT your probiotics. Products like Kimchi, sauerkraut, soft and aged cheeses, sourdough, kefir and yogurt are all great ways to get in big doses of probiotics to heal and support your gut bacteria. When your gut is on track, you increase the efficiency of your immune system, slash cravings for crappy foods and get in a better mood naturally. Research shows that probiotics can lower levels of inflammation in the body which helps prevent diseases and illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes as well as psoriasis and ibs symptoms. Probiotics have also been shown to lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, support healthier blood sugar levels, improve body composition and even your oral health! You can also improve your gut health by avoiding things like artificial sweeteners, processed foods and taking a look at your oral contraceptives and finding a better option.

Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels

By having a balanced meal every two to three hours you will help maintain those blood sugar levels to stop cravings in their tracks and keep you energized all day long. By a balanced meal I mean having a protein, carbohydrate and a fat included in the meal. Carbs are vegetables and fruit too- so keep that in mind when you are including carbs. Reducing your grain intake and switching your carbs to things like nutrient dense vegetables can be a huge way to lower calories and increase micronutrients. When your system is being supported efficiently, body fat doesn’t stick around. Help your body by feeding it the micronutrients it needs!