Going online can be weird. As someone who has taken online classes before, I was fairly comfortable with the concept. I just didn’t know how it could play out with my local studio community. Studios everywhere are choosing to do things in different ways. Some are streaming classes, some recording them. We have chosen to go completely live. The instructors film in their own homes using a software that doesn’t need you to create a log in to use. We are using a service called Hangouts and no, you don’t need a gmail account.

What made us make the decision to go on conferencing software?

Let’s face it, you can get yoga anywhere online. For free or very affordable. What separates yoga in the real world from the online version of a class, typically, is the community. When people walk through our doors, it is a different world for them. A place to lay down their defenses and get acquainted with themselves. Here we know you by name, we ask how your family is and get to know you as more than just a student on the roster. We are a community within a community. We help, encourage, share, hold space and care for one another in a physical and energetic way. We needed a way to recreate that experience as closely as we could to deliver that community care as closely as we can to the real thing.

Can you log on and practice whenever you want? No.

The classes are live and still at the same time. Why? Because we need some normalcy and structure in times of uncertainty and unknowing. Some people are sleeping in for the first time in 20 years. When you are sent home to work or be laid off no one hands you a manual on how to structure your day. So many of our students are so used to coming into the studio after dinner or after work. They have it scheduled into their day and create their lifestyle around their self care. So getting online at a certain time was important for us to keep that normalcy for our students. The structure- otherwise known as discipline or “tapas” in yoga. Again, trying to create the studio experience as closely as we can- at home.

What is the online experience like?

It is a live class. We talk to you, you talk to us and each other. We converse, we connect, we try to gather the same way we would. Except this time we bring our own props and teas. Nothing is recorded it is all streamed live. You can choose to leave your video on so the instructor can see how you’re moving OR you can blank yourself out. You can leave your mic on or turn it off. It’s up to you how much you want to participate but the option is there. When you sign up through our online system, instead of coming into the studio, we send you a link for the meeting. You click the link and it prompts you into the class. You might have to download a free app and if you’re on a computer- you won’t have to. You might have to have google Chrome though. Also free.

What is the benefit of continuing yoga through this crisis, or any crisis?

Structure, normalcy, calm, connection to your body, relaxation on a physiological level, true self care, strength, muscle tone, cardiovascular health, boosted immune function.. . should I go on? Stress can wear you down. It sits in your chest, in your belly.. it builds and creates tension in other areas in the body. It decreases immune function, let’s stress hormones run rampant on your system. Stress makes your body think there is an attack behind every corner. It is prepared to fight, flight or collapse. Breathing deeply is one seriously effective way you can bring your body back into a calm space and help disperse some of the tense energy. Breathing as a practice alone could significantly reduce stress levels and tension in the body. When we do yoga, we create space in the body for bigger breath patterns. You will feel the effects of one practice for more than a day.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by using our online scheduling system the same way you would if you were coming in. Click HERE to go to our registration page. About 10-15 minutes prior to class, you will be emailed a link to the online meeting. Are you a little freaked out with how it will go? Let us know! I am happy to set up a trial run with you so that you can feel comfortable coming online after all. Our whole goal is to destress and get rid of tension. Let us help you do that when getting acquainted with our online system.