Back in March this year I attended a concert by an artist my husband has always listened to but I never really was into. To be totally honest some of the music felt aggressive. The lyrics came off a little abrasive for what I had listened to- which wasn’t all that much. I had totally passed judgement about an artist I now think is incredible! I was completely thrown off at the show. The artist seemed authentic and we had seen him hanging out front of the building before the show- which made me feel like he was probably down to earth. My assumptions faded fast about the artist- but I had wasted so much time trying to not listen to him, I completely missed out!

Mid show- he’s talking to some girls in the front row between songs. He had made some jokes about parenting- how he had 4 kids of his own. Then he says it, drops the bomb that changed my thinking a little bit. He asked the girl ‘How is your art going?’.


That right there was everything to me.

How. Is. Your. Art. Going?

When is the last time we actually asked someone that question? When is the last time you actually asked YOURSELF that question? I think if we knew and we asked, our interactions would become more authentic. Our connection with others would get stronger. Our hearts would be fuller.

Art can be expressed in any way. You can express yourself through the way you parent, through the job you do, through hobbies etc. For me – I express myself through the way I run my business and the way I teach my yoga classes. These things fill up my heart and my head. They fill my cup so I can continue to fill others. So that I can serve. They fill my head so I have no time to think about the B.S. The past, the future, the things that don’t serve me.

So what are you into right now? What is filling your cup? What is giving you a purpose and makes you want to get out of bed every morning?

How’s your art going?