Rise and Shine
A morning flow to stretch and open preparing our minds and hearts for the day. Lots of flowing and movement to get you energized and ready for the day.

Ebb and flow
A moderate paced flow class with options for most levels. Must be able to get up and down from the floor comfortably. Lots of movement, flowing, standing, balancing lying and seated postures. This is a total body strengthening and stretching that focuses on alignment and breath.

Yoga essentials
Description:This is a slower paced all levels gentle flow class. With standing, twisting, seated and lying postures we focus on breath and being present in the body. This class is suitable for beginners and intermediates.

The exercises in this class are designed to help align, lengthen and strengthen the body in a unique way. Focus is placed on precise movements originating from the center or core of your body. Pilates benefits everyone by working from the deepest layers of muscles, which stabilize and support your spine and pelvis, resulting in a strong, flexible spine with ideal posture and alignment.

Body Tone
This class slows you down and focuses on weight training. We use a stability ball and weights to work on the basic primal movements and really diving into hitting more specific muscle groups. This is low impact and we allow moms to bring their babies! Come tone your body with us!

Grounding Flow Yoga
Breath and grounding is the focus in this class. Becoming present and bringing awareness into the now. This is a slower paced class and suitable for all levels. We do get up and down from the mat but props and chairs are welcomed to be utilized.

Gentle Yoga
Slow down with gentle yoga with Karen. All levels welcome!

Functional Fitness
Do you have trouble with everyday tasks such as: walking, sitting, lifting things like the heavy grocery bags out of your car? This class could be a great option for you! The focus is on improving movement patterns and reducing chronic pain.

Power Hour
Description:This circuit class will combine both strength and cardio exercises. Each class will have a variety of exercises to achieve a full body workout. Get ready to target major muscle groups and increase your heart rate!

Torch & Tone
45 Minutes of high impact and high heart rate workouts. Fast paced, high intensity and of course a solid cool down with yoga poses to stretch out the tension.

Power Flow yoga is for the more experienced yoga practitioner. We move quickly and spend time working on strength to reach the next level of our practice.

F.I.T Camp
Every muscle will be challenged! This class is designed to keep your body guessing, and challenge you differently in every class. Workouts are designed to improve your overall fitness – strength, cardio, endurance, and flexibility. Have fun – work hard!

Yoga Lift
Yoga with weights. We have a regular flow, stretching and strengthening while taking time in certain poses to add in some weight training. Because we are moving slow and with intention we take time to make sure that we are doing the movements properly and safely. This class is available for all levels but will challenge you!

Gentle Release Yoga
Slow, gentle and relaxed. Stretch out the tension, enjoy the poses and just breathe. This class is suitable for beginners and intermediate. Take it down a notch and release.

Co-ed Fitness kickboxing class to conditioning the body to make everyday living a little easier.. 25 minute warm up, 20 minute pads and gloves /conditioning drills, 15 minutes of core & stretches. James Watson from Fergus Kickboxing is your instructor!

H.I.I.T & Yoga
High intensity interval training to rev up metabolism and give you a kick butt morning rush. Then we cool it down for the last half an hour with flow yoga to work out the kinks. A beautiful combination of strength and stretch. Start your weekend off right!