Pregnancy is something that comes with it’s hardships and joys and they are both so abundant it’s overwhelming. You want to shout it from the rooftops and exclaim to everyone you are growing a being of light and love inside of you. It is something so sacred and so incredible yet so risky and terrifying.

Every ounce of it is a miracle.

This is why we are driven to sharing a day of celebration with mothers to be.

We will be:

-Taking in some prenatal yoga.

-Sharing in conversation about pregnancy and birth.

-Creating connections with other mothers to be.

-Designing birth affirmation cards, creating blessingway necklaces and beginning small tradition with our sisters in pregnancy.

-Meditation to bring calm in this time of MAJOR transformation.

-Having the opportunity to ask questions and dive deep into birth with Midwife Mhairi.

-Basking in the light of the wonderful journey that is pregnancy and bonding with our bump.

-CELEBRATING the transition that is MOTHERHOOD and stepping into our new/new again role.

This event will have plenty of delicious and nourishing foods for hungry pregnant mamas. All supplies will be provided, just bring your wonderful selves!

September 16th 10am to 4pm


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