Our children’s behaviour is NOT random. There is always a reason behind behaviour. Behaviour IS communication!

Some popular, well-intentioned parenting and behaviour management techniques lead our children into filling their need for power and attention in NEGATIVE ways (like TANTRUMS and acting out), but there are strategies that fill their needs POSITIVELY, build a relationship and teach the behavior you want.

I will cover:
💚The 3 step NO-yelling formula for consequences
💚how to DECODE behaviour pattens that sparks MOST BATTLES
💚Why your lack of self-care is making your kids act out
💚What’s really behind the whining, tantrums and daily power struggles (and how to make them STOP)

Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Lacking presence, balance and time? This comprehensive parenting workshop focuses on a psychologically centred approach to parenting that uses brain research, along with developmental and conscious parenting techniques that will allow you to curate a more balanced lifestyle and relationship with yourself, your child and the constructs of this parenting gig.

-go through our hierarchy of needs and how to prioritize, meet and understand these tiered family needs

-gain invaluable insight into ourselves and our children’s natural needs and responses

-develop plans and useable strategies before the storm

-get authentic and useable advice

Carly is an Ontario Certified Teacher with over a decade of experience. As a homeschooling mother of two, she made a bold leap to pursue her passion and developed, what she coined, an Alternative Holistic School. Carly’s holistic home learning environment is a magical place where children, discover, hone, and freely use the skills they possess innately to pursue their interests; while she guides and sets up opportunities and tools for students to investigate these interests. Together with her students, she co-creates a learning environment that reflects each child’s autonomy to learn and to explore their own ideas. Carly works together with families and their children by creating a joyful, unique and inspiring learning environment and offering parental coaching and workshops. Through her child-centered approach, she seeks to promote a holistic view of each child and parenting that can create ease and understanding in this often busy and unbalanced life called parenthood.

September 21st 12pm-3pm $75 Snacks and Private Coaching Session*