Hello friends.

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Sabrina Campbell and I’m a mother, animal
parent and a thriver of life!! I have been on a journey to discover all the gifts and abilities that I possibly
can in this life…and the next.

I have enjoyed this journey so far and I’ve learned many lessons along the way. The most difficult lessons have been the most needed ones and they’ve helped me to learn so very much about myself. I’m so grateful for the gift these teachings have given me.
Something I’ve learned is a lot of times our loved ones would love to help us out or give us encouragement…but they just can’t seem to reach us. They try to send us messages in the form of pictures, colours, feelings, smells, sounds, and some can even move things. The possibilities on what they can do to tell us they’re there are endless…but they’re just not able to reach us. We all are capable
of using these skills. Some of us aren’t aware of this, some of us believe we can’t connect like this and some of us love to jump into this realm of the unknown…I’m one of those who jumped right in!

I have been able to use my gifts my entire life. I have done behaviour work on animals since I was very young because I could hear what their issues were…They told me!! But…I thought everybody could do this so I didn’t really recognize these as skills. Since then-I’ve been able to open my mind up to the beings who have passed on as well. First it started with animals and then being able to talk to people who have passed came soon after. About 10 years ago I noticed that I heard messages to give to people
when they were in that very moment of wanting to change.

From my life experiences so far I’ve been able to discover, then build on and now actively have
connections with the metaphysical world. The abilities I’ve worked with the most are:

-Psychic/Soul Reading – messages for living person from their Higher Self (soul), guides, angels and/or
passed loved ones.
-Mediumship – messages from a passed person
-Animal Communication – messages from a living or passed pet
-Angel Communication – messages from Angels
-Reiki 1 – energy healing of the physical body. This is not a cure. Reiki helps the body to heal itself and
helps it to function at the highest level.

I’ve dabbled in Tarot cards and am building on this skill now. This list will constantly be changing as I
learn and develop new skills so you might want to stay tuned and stay connected. 😉
I thank you all for reading this. Much love beautiful people.

To Book a reading with Sabrina, you can register online through the classes website or reach out to Balanced Breath Studio to book an appointment.