35407518 - child lying on green grass. kid having fun outdoors in spring parkFor the last almost 6 years (wow!) I have been teaching, the most wonderful people of Arthur, vinyasa yoga at the Arthur Dojo. After my last baby I have had a C-Section and have been coming back to my own practice very slowly and with much respect for the trauma my body has been through. After about 6 months off I realize most of you who have been with me for a while have also been off and I am looking forward to starting slowly together.

Previously the classes were done continuously with a drop in style payment. There were packages available for a small price drop and you were offered a 3 month expiry.

This time things are changing a little bit. I find for myself it is good to take a week off from teaching so that I can reach down and take some space to come back a better teacher with better material and class planning. I find with the constant in and out of people I struggle to create a balanced class that allows my intermediates to progress and be inclusive of my beginner students. I want to help my students progress in their practice and have even more intention behind each class. To do this, things must change. So I am switching around my style of committing to classes. It doesn’t mean we aren’t welcoming drop ins, it just means I am creating more intention around each practice for students I KNOW will be there each week.

I will now be offering sessions of classes which means paying up front. This also makes it easier for me assess in the slower months whether or not to take the month off. (Often August we have 2-3 people in a class).

$100 for 10 classes for 10 weeks.

$12 Drop in.

The first session is May 8 to July 24. Holiday Mondays are cancelled.

We are at the DOJO on main street at 212 George st in Arthur. We will be able to accommodate 13 people maximum!

If something comes up and you need to miss a few weeks- chat with me and we will work something out. If you know you can only come sometimes then maybe drop in is for you.

Feel free to call me or send me an e-mail if you’d like to join or have questions around your specific situations. See you May 8th!