These are some of the most rewarding messages we get. Knowing that students are taking more than just fitness away from their yoga practice. It is so much more than a physical practice.

Yoga connects you to self. Connects you to your breath. Connects you to the energy flowing within the body. Fitness at Balanced Breath is not about competition. We are the farthest thing from that. Is it ok to be a competitive person and come to our classes? Absolutely! But in the space the only competition you have is with yourself. Our goal is to help you connect with your mind, body and soul in a deeper way so you are able to find the lifestyle of movement and mindfulness settling into every part of your life.

Is it hard? Yes! Is it growth inducing? Absolutely. When is the last time you did something that scared you? When is the last time you got out of your comfort zone? When you DID do that- what happened? Getting out of your comfort zone a little whether it’s a bite sized piece or a chunk IS GROWTH INDUCING. Once you start exploring these areas through your yoga practice you will see how things start falling into place in other areas of your life. These bite sized pieces like learning the breath help you with the big chunks. Having the breath to fall back on can guide you through your toughest moments.

Do you notice how this person has transferred being kind to themselves through their yoga practice to their workout?  Noticing when to stop and when to go. Listening to the body and knowing that the listening brings changes in their own subtle way. This is the beauty of yoga and fitness together. There are so many lessons in these workouts whether we see them or not. Connecting to ourselves helps us connect to the world around us.

What are some things that have changed for you through doing your yoga practice? How has yoga seeped into other parts of your life?