In June/July we decided to give two people 2 weeks of unlimited classes. In the summer as people go away our classes calm down a little bit and we have some room to play and experiment! Here are some of the things they had to say about it. Overall we think it went pretty great! We are happy that we could share yoga with two people who otherwise might not have tried it. Thank you ladies for coming out!

“First day first class at Balanced Breath studio – I was excited to try Yoga. Longtime goal finally started. Baby steps. I Came to class feeling emotionally worked up with some outside life stuff. So you could say my body was tense. I loved the calmness and serenity of the classroom environment- darker, cool , friendly, quiet. Kristina thanks for taking the time to explain some of the basic philosophy of yoga and telling me that I could do the exercises as I was comfortable . I struggled some with breathing but as the class went on I became more comfortable . I realized my body really does need toning and strengthening but I feel like that will come with time. I left your class feeling so relaxed and so good about myself.”
“I had a great opportunity to try some yoga for a few weeks at Balanced Breath. My experience is 100% positive. I learned and reaffirmed a few things about myself. Calming my mind through purposeful breathing and and purposeful yoga poses has been amazing for me both mentally and physically. I actually find I’m starting to purposely breath at various times throughout the day. My core muscles are weak but I can feel them getting stronger after doing more yoga.”
“The experience so far has been empowering, supportive, inclusive and so much more. Also my abs lol I’ll probably find them by the time we are done.”
“The gentle yoga was really nice actually! And even thought I was sore I felt stronger. It’s nice to see results physically. Emotionally I have also noticed a change. It’s like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. My anxiety level is so much lower and I noticed the time it takes me to get into a good breathing rhythm is less. I was meditating previous but getting that rhythm and belly breathing took more focus. Even though I’m sore I feel more energized.”